This badge is awarded for meeting the objectives set out in the unit.

1.1 Say hello – Talk about where you´re from.

° GRAMMAR: present simple be: I, you
° VOCABULARY: countries numbers 0 – 10
° PRONUNCIATION: syllables and syllable stress
° READING • LISTENING: listen to a registration at a language school
° SPEAKING • WRITING: complete a short conversation with your partner

1.2 What´s your job? – Introduce a frends

° GRAMMAR: present simple be: he, she, it
° PRONUNCIATION: contractions with be
° READING • LISTENING: read emails about a new job KEY SKILLIdentifying personal pronouns
° SPEAKING • WRITING: SPEAKING HUBcomplete information and present a friend

1.3 Cafe hub – Greet people and give personal information

° VOCABULARY: greet people
° PRONUNCIATION: word stress and intonation
° READING • LISTENING: watch someone meet others and give information