This badge is awarded for meeting the objectives set out in the unit.

6.1 Around town

° GRAMMAR: here is / there are; some and any
° VOCABULARY: places in a town
° PRONUNCIATION: there is /there are
° READING • LISTENING: read a description of Venice
° SPEAKING • WRITING: describe your town or city

6.2 Choosing a home – Describe your home

° GRAMMAR: is there / are there question forms
° VOCABULARY: furniture and rooms;prepositions of place
° PRONUNCIATION: vowel sounds: /ʌ/and /e/
° READING • LISTENING: listen to a phone conversation about a room to rent KEY SKILLPredicting
° SPEAKING • WRITING: SPEAKING HUB ask for and give information about a place to rent

6.3 Left or right? – Ask for and give directions

° VOCABULARY: ask for and give directions
° READING • LISTENING: watch someone ask for directions