This badge is awarded for meeting the objectives set out in the unit.

2.1 Where are they from? – Talk about natonalities

° GRAMMAR: present simplebe: we, you, they; possessive adjectives
° VOCABULARY: languages and nationalities
° PRONUNCIATION: syllable stress
° READING • LISTENING: read about some new musicians on a playlist
° SPEAKING • WRITING: talk about your favourite musician

2.2 When are you free? – Ask for and give personal information

° GRAMMAR: wh-questions with be
° VOCABULARY: days of the week;numbers 11–100
° PRONUNCIATION: contractions in questions
° READING • LISTENING: listen to conversations KEY SKILLIdentifying context
° SPEAKING • WRITING: SPEAKING HUBcomplete an information exchange

2.3 I´m late – Ask for clarification

° VOCABULARY: ask for clarification
° READING • LISTENING: watch someone meet new people and introduce themselves