This badge is awarded for meeting the objectives set out in the unit.

3.1 That´s my coat – Describe everyday objects

° GRAMMAR: a/anand plural nouns; this, that, these, those
° VOCABULARY: objects and colours
° PRONUNCIATION: /s/, /z/and /ɪz/
° READING • LISTENING: listen to a conversation at a cloakroom
° SPEAKING • WRITING: have a conversation at a cloakroom

3.2 I´ve got two sisters – Talk about your family

° GRAMMAR: have/has got
° VOCABULARY: family
° PRONUNCIATION: schwa /ə/
° READING • LISTENING: read an article about a birthday party KEY SKILLFinding key information
° SPEAKING • WRITING: SPEAKING HUB ask and answer questions about your family

3.3 Guess who – Describe people

° VOCABULARY: describe people
° READING • LISTENING: watch two people describe what they look like and meet for the first time