This badge is awarded for meeting the objectives set out in the unit.

4.1 Every day – Talk about daily routines

° GRAMMAR: present simple: I, you, we, they
° VOCABULARY: daily activities; time
° PRONUNCIATION: sentence stress
° READING • LISTENING: listen to a radio interview about people’s daily routines
° SPEAKING • WRITING: talk about your daily routine

4.2 Every year – talk about annual routines

° GRAMMAR: present simple questions: I, you, we, they
° VOCABULARY: months and seasons
° PRONUNCIATION: do you /ʤʊ/
° READING • LISTENING: read an article about nomads in Mongolia KEY SKILLUsing pictures before you read
° SPEAKING • WRITING: SPEAKING HUBcomplete an information exchange about different animals

4.3 Coffe chaos – Order in a cafe

° VOCABULARY: order in a café
° READING • LISTENING: watch a busy day in a café